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New Pool Room Accessories

We have a wide variety of Accessories to offer you @ a fair price. From Cues and Cases to Ball Sets and Wall Racks to Floor Racks, hopefully we can offer you what you are looking for. Check out the Pics on this page....

Genuine Leather Drop Pockets that we use on all our pool tables.

Price per set os 6......$225.00

Many choices of leg styles to select from.... 

We have an assortment of Cue Cases for your inspection...

Prices range from $20 - $55 - $65 - $75 & $175.....  

Here some New Cue Cases we offer...

Left: Aramith Ball & Cue Case for $175(Case only)

Right: New Voodoo Coffin Cue Case for $75.00

We offer you cue tip tools to keep your cue in primo shape..

Cuetec Bowtie 3 in 1 Tip tool for $25.00

Cuetec Pocket Chalker w/Tip pik For $20.00..


We have a nice selection of Shooting Gloves to Offer you...

Price: $15 - $20each..

We have the Pro Cup Cue Ball in stock...

Price: $45.00...

We have a nice assortment of Ball Sets - Starting at $50 up to $175..

Triangles to rack up your balls... From the basic to the high tec..

Basic Racks - $15....Heavy Duty - $20....RollaRack - $45

Sardo Auto Rack - $60....

2pc - 8 cue capacity Wall Racks For your Cue Storage needs..

Price: $45.00 each..

FloorRacks - Wall or Corner Type

Custom Fitted Heavy Duty Dust Covers in Black or Brown and

Personal Ball set Cases..

Dust Covers - $75.......Ball Cases - $50.. 

Looking for clocks for your gameroom? We got'em..

Inquire for prices......


As for Cues, we have a nice assortment to offer you - check pics below:

Player Cues Starting @ $70 - $95


Player Cues


Stealth Cues with Dooly Handles

As you can see we have a few cues to offer from the most basic 1pc Cobra Cue to your own personal cue. I invite you to come down to take a look @ our selection...Prices $25 to $45 each.

"Bob Renis Diamondwood Custom made Cues"

Plus we carry the Diamondwood Custom Cues from Bob Renis.

The only cue of it's kind @ 11mm. All cues are Made one @ 

a time.We invite you to come on in and do check them out at my 

Shop, plus you will have the opportunity to shoot with the cues 

to see how they feel in your hands.

They are on sale @ $900 each as long as the inventory lasts!!

Any questions, call me @ 510 489-4932 ask for David...