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Hello, my name is David and I am making bicycles that have a 80/66cc engine kits installed. I take bicycles and will convert them into a motor assisted type. I have been doing this process for over 2 years now. I can offer you optional upgrades on parts for the bikes too. You can either bring in your own bike or I can provide you a new bike. When you bring in your bike to me, I will look it over to see if it possible to install engine kit or not. Below is an example of one of many bikes I have customized......................Check them out!

A cool looking Schwinn Jaguar Beach Cruiser 26 inch Bike with whitewall tires, custom chrome chamber exhaust that has a chrome silencer tip to make the engine run smoother and quieter. The front forks are a double springer 1942 Brengman type, the bike seat is a cruiser size for comfortability when you ride. The air filter is a "New Low profile Conical type that will fit the bikes frame easier, not to mention the direct air flow of it also. The engine is a SkyHawk 80/66cc in black color. Last, but not least high rise apehanger type handle bars for that cruiser look.......This bike is my private ride for those nice summer days.........  

Here is a bike I made from a new 2010 Raleigh mountain Bike. As you can see it has a custom made exhaust system w/chamber pipe and tip. The seat is cruiser style for a comfortable ride. Gas tanks on these bikes hold exactly 1/2 gallon of fuel. I take pride in every bike that I build, from the basic to the more exotic look.

Here is a really nice TREK 3900 Mountain Bike that I converted to a cool looking street cruiser. It also has a custom made exhaust system on it. Most bikes I make have a 44 tooth rear tire gear that will permit you to go as fast as 25mph. I can also offer a special gear that will get you to a speed of 35 to 40 mph. Keep in mind that this is only a bicycle and not a motorcycle. The rules on the road are the same as if you were on a motorcycle. Wear your Helmet - Gloves - and a Jackey on the cooler days.......



This is a nice basic build. The bike is a simple bike from Target. it is a mountain bike in design. This bike will sell for $525 as you see it....All bikes I make are provided with a trigger throttle systems. This makes the riding experience a lot simpler and more enjoyable........Any questions concerning these bikes - call me @ 510 489-4932 and ask for me.....David, I will gladly answer all questions you may. 

26" Specialized Mountain Bike with custom made exhaust-Chamber and Tip. I routed pipe over the engine to avoid pedal arms. Came out pretty cool looking. This bike is an example of the type of frame needed to fit the motor kits. It also has a 44 tooth rear sprocket.....


Customer on his new Micargi Bike he brought to me to convert the Engine Kit into the frame for him. He provided me the engine kit. I charge for the time and labor $375. A job like this will usually take 6 to12 hours to complete install. This is what I call a "Basic Install Job"

Here just some of the optional upgrade parts I use in some of my builds. At top is a single eye springer front end fork - Below is a Black Chamber pipe with muffler tip - To the left is a pair of SkyHawk Chamber Pipes - Lower right is example of custom made 36 tooth aircraft Aluminum Rear Sprockets.....

This is the Trigger throttle system I like to use. As you can see, it also has a engine kill button consolidated into the design. This is a custom upgrade as well. The regular throttle provided in the Engine kits are a motorcycle type twist type. If you have any questions, please Email me @ or give me a call @510 4389-4932 Ask for David................

Stylish looking Raleigh Mt Bike. Chromed Heavy Duty 12mm Spoked Wheels with Flame patterned white walled Tires. Front forks are a Triple tree design. Custom made 36 tooth aircraft aluminum rear gear to propelk the bike up to 35 mph. Cloud Nine 11 x11 Criuser seat for those long rides on a perfect summer day. Exhaust is custom made with spooky tooth chambered exhuast and tip. This is an example of custom modified bicycle with 80/66 Grubee SkyHawk 2 stroke motor.

If you have any questions concerning my bikes, drop me a line or give me a call @             510 489-4932 ask for David.


Here is my Schwinn Jaguar Beach Cruiser with a single eye springer front end. A set of high rise ape hanger handle bars for that cruiser feel when riding. Check ou the comfortable cloud nine 11x11 cruiser seat, making your ride a little more enjoyable. Nothing like a  great looking retro cruiser!

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