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Check out these New Custom Stain Combinations we offer:

Black over Purple 2Tone Stain Design Duke Pool Table. A very Cool looking Stain finish. With Claw-Ball Legs to give it that solid look. We offer a 15 year warranty on

   all tables we make.


Black over Wine Stain 2Tone Stain finish on our Duke Table. Legs are a Claw Ball Style. A very deep color combo. One of our most popular looks to date.....Price - $1735

Dark Brown over Golden Oak 2Tone Finish. Legs are a solid oak Ball & Claw Style with a Black over Burg Playing field.cThe table is a Delte Model. A bit of that country look, wouldn't you say?


   Black over Purple cool 2ToneStain finish. Legs are a very nice Solid wood Fir QA Style. Pockets of Black Shields. And a playing Field of Black over Purple Design. Table is a Duke Style.                                                                                                           $1355


Dark Brown over Red Mahogany Stain Finish Duke Table w/Solid Oak Claw-Balls. Pockets - Brown Shields. Black over Green Playing Field. Clean looking pool table!                                                                                                                       $1735

Dark Oak over Red Mahogany Solid Oak Crunch Table. Legs on table - Roman Pillars. Playing Field - Black over Aztec. This table combination is easy on the eyes and just a good looking Pool Table.                                                   Complete with GREAT Accessory package!!


Another cool looking pool table in our Black over Ebony 2tone Stain combo. This is a Stinger with moulding style. Legs are Roman Pillars of Solid Oak. Black Shield Pockets for the accenting Affect. And last but not least, Purple Rails and Bed.....................




Visit our workshop and watch us build 'em!

"We don't just assemble our pool tables here. We handcraft and build your pool table from the ground up as it is ordered, using only the best materials available. And we can say proudly that each and every table we build is ..."

Marquesa Pool Table with 2 Tone Stained Dark and Golden Oak Finish for sale!
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These pool tables make GREAT additions to your billiard room, home, etc. Buy NOW!

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