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Why Buy From Us?


The reason why you should buy from us is quite simple. We build a better table than you will find at a dealers. You will save money at the same time, since we do do not have any middleman or salesman, therefor our overhead is very little. At Admiral, you wil save at least-$900 when buying one of our pool tables. When you purchase our pool table, "YOU CALLTHE SHOTS". You have the choice of the following:

Stain Colors (7) Provided By Cascade Coatings......
Pocket Styles (9) Provided By Hood Leather and Imperial Int'l..
Leg Styles  (5) Provided By Carving Inc and Scource Enterprises....
Cloth Colors (30) Provided By Championship - 21oz Titan Cloth.
Cloth Colors (9) Provided By Championship - 24oz Tour Edition (additional cost)
K66 "Velocity" Rail Cushions Provided by Level Best.
American Hardwoods Provided By Global Woods, Saroyan Lumber, and Meyers Moulding.
Accessories provided by Imperial Int'l, DFS, and Level Best.
Table Lamps Provided by Ram Lighting......

We can also offer you a 2-tone stain combination or a 2-tone cloth combination. A unique look. Our cloth is commercial grade material, totally superior to the cloth you will find on other tables for home use. Most importantly, we can build you the pool table that you want at a very affordable price. Designer colored fabrics from Championship Fabrics and Level Best are the only cloth we use here @ Admiral. We also offer "Tour Edition Cloth from Championship @ a modest price cost, which is the best Tournament grade cloth today. Tour Edition is a wosted Cloth, making it very fast and long lasting...........

Visit our workshop
and watch us build 'em!

"We don't just assemble our pool tables here. We handcraft and build your pool table from the ground up as it is ordered, using only the best materials available. And we can say proudly that each and every table we build is ..."

"LEAD FREE, and not subject to recall." 


Our professional experience in the field of billiards allow us to offer you expert assistance. We like to educate and inform our customers on the do's and don'ts, so you can form a logical conclusion when purchasing one of our products. We put the customer first! Without people like you to buy our tables, we would not be in business today. Our customers know we offer the best table in the industry and we back up what we build. We build our tables using state-of-the-art construction techniques and materials, including genuine 3-piece 7/8" slate beds imported from Brazil . (Try to avoid 1" slate, as the "sag factor" can become a problem). We offer the one thing a dealer cannot in most cases, and that is choice. If you are serious about buying a pool table, by all means look us up. You will like what you see.


When you purchase our table, you will receive a ten-year warranty on craftsmanship and a LifeTime warranty on the slate bed (for original owner only). The only items that are not under warranty are the pockets, rail rubber, and the cloth, simply because of human failures and abuse can cause damage to these items. But under normal use, this table will function perfectly for many years to come. We have been in business here in Hayward since 1985 and have since re-covered only 30 tables due to wear. If you were to stack all the tables we have sold since 1975, it would equal the height of 12 Empire State Buildings. Not too bad for a two-man business. So come on in and check out our facility. We wil gladly give you the grand tour when you come in.

Why buy a pool table from Admiral Pool Table? We simplify your billiard needs!
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